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Buy Acorns online for the best prices. You can buy acorns for deer food, acorns squirrel food, acorns hunting deer bait and lures, acorns planting. There are many uses for acorns. You can buy acorns for planting acorns. You can buy acorns for squirrel food. You can buy acorns for acorn crafts, acorn displays, and acorn wedding centerpieces. Buying acorns is easy. Go to and select how many pounds you want to order. How to buy acorns: Acorns like most nuts, are sold by the pound. One pound of acorns is approx. 60-80 acorns. If you need to fill a few vases for a wedding you probably should buy 5 lbs. of acorns or more. If your doing acorn crafts you can buy 1 to 10 lbs. of acorns. The caps fall off all of the acorns. Caps are sold separately in most cases. Buying acorns is easy when you have a fast, friendly and knowledgable business selling acorns. Visit to buy acorns

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